Sunday, October 20, 2013

6 steps to making your own e85 ethanol

~~ 6 Steps To Making Your Own e85 Ethanol ~~

Yes you can make your own fuel for less than $1.00 a gallon if you know the basics.

Amazing results can be achieved at home with a little knowledge and a minimal investment.

Imagine paying $1.00 a gallon for fuel instead of $3.10 a gallon or more.

It is possible right now!. . . . .

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Step One: . . . The Conversion Process

We have to break down carbohydrate sugars, such as the starch from corn. Create it into "Mash". Grind or crush the feedstock (corn, soybeans, wheat, etc...). Then dilute and add an enzyme (alpha amylase) to turn the mixture into a liquid. Once liquified a second enzyme is added(glucoamylase) to convert the starch into sugar. (If the source is mainly sugar, i.e...rotten fruit, molasses, etc..., the conversion step can be skipped.

Step Two: . . . Fermentation

Add yeast and make it into a beer (wine) type solution.

Step Three: . . . Distillation

The beer (wine) type solution needs to be run through a still to extract the alcohol from the solution.

Step Four: . . . Filtration

The ethanol now needs to be filtered to get rid of excess organic volatiles.

Step Five: . . . Dehydration

The ethanol needs to be "dried". After the distillation process there will be a certain amount of water in the ethanol you have just created - this can be dried runni


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